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BBMRI Prototype

Welcome to BBMRI Prototype


BBMRI will sustainably secure access to biological resources required for health-related research and development intended to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and to promote the health of the citizens of Europe.

Continuous improvement in the health of European citizens relies on biomedical research and on citizens who participate in that research. Research today needs new, bigger and better resources.

Over 200 organisations – including national funders – in 24 EU Member States are jointly planning EU infrastructure to deliver those resources. Our infrastructures already manage over 16 million samples. Our goals are to increase this number, to improve quality, to reduce fragmentation, to extend the reach of European researchers.

The Preparatory Phase

Key components of the Preparatory Phase for a pan-European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI) are comprehensive collections of biological samples from different European (sub-)populations linked with continuously updated data on the health status, lifestyle and environmental exposure of the sample donors that are properly embedded into European scientific, ethical, legal and societal frameworks.

Prototype concept

The key features of the prototype are:

  • The prototype should reflect the distributed hub and spoke architecture of BBMRI.

  • Procedures should be in place for efficient transnational exchange of samples and data that properly consider the applicable ethical and legal requirements.

  • The OECD best practice guidelines and the WHO/IARC guidelines for biological resource centres should serve as the basis for the construction and operation of the prototype.

  • The prototype shall be based on national prototypes which are organized as hubs.

  • SOPs should be available for scientific collaborations and transnational exchange of samples and data (i.e. access rules) as well as templates for MTA and CDA that consider the requirements of academia and industry.

  • Establishment of a common access portal.

  • Established procedures should be suited to become integrated into the operational concept of BBMRI.

  • All documents generated should be made available to the BBMRI consortium.


The project presented on this website has received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) NGFN-transfer project TW-01GR0818-03.

BBMRI Prototype
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